Using Craft Resin Safely - Craft Resin
How To

Using Craft Resin Safely

You can absolutely use Craft Resin in a safe way, when you follow the guidance in this weeks Blog. You don't need to fear using our brands epoxy resin, when the basic safety guidance is followed.  ...

BusinessGrowing Your Resin Business With Social Media - Craft Resin

Growing Your Resin Business With Social Media

When you start a resin business there is some great news, you can actually help your resin business grow and get off the ground by utilising social media, which is not going to cost you very much -...

How ToHow To Top Coat With Craft Resin - Craft Resin

How To Top Coat With Craft Resin

Not all epoxy resin for art will require a Top Coat applying to them, most of the time your project will have the glossy finish you desire without needing an extra layer. However you might need t...

How ToAdding Photos To Resin - Craft Resin

Adding Photos To Resin

Can I add photos to resin, is a question we get asked a lot at Craft Resin. Casting photos in resin enables you to preserve your precious photos for years to come in creative and beautiful displays...


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How ToPackaging Your Resin Projects - Craft Resin

Packaging Your Resin Projects

When you spend so much time lovingly creating your resin projects, the last thing you want is for them to get damaged on the way to their owner. Whether you're packaging your creations to sell or ...

Epoxy Resin for WoodCreating Projects Using Wood & Epoxy Resin - Craft Resin

Creating Projects Using Wood & Epoxy Resin

Working with wood and epoxy resin can indeed lead to stunning creations, and it has gained popularity in recent years due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal.     Working with wood and epoxy ...