Epoxy resin paintings: resin art objects - Craft Resin UK

Epoxy resin paintings: resin art objects

Check it out, y'all! We're stoked to introduce another one of our ambassadors. Say what's up to Alena Rezanova. She's all about space, bald cats, and Irish coffee. Okay, that last bit might be a st...

Art ResinCraft Resin Ambassador - Ryan Halligan - Craft Resin UK

Craft Resin Ambassador - Ryan Halligan

Today, we wanna jazz up our talk about epoxy resin and all the cool stuff you can do with it. Introducing our Rising Star and Craft Resin ambassador, Ryan Halligan! Mr. @phat.slabs This guy's a cr...

ArtistsEmily Adie, Resin Artist - @ResinByEmilyGB - Craft Resin UK

Emily Adie, Resin Artist - @ResinByEmilyGB

My name is Emily and I created ResinByEmilyGB in 2020 at the beginning of the initial worldwide COVID19 lockdown. Now, my brand has emerged as an established business with almost a quarter of a mil...

ArtistsAshley Aaron, resin artist - @craftelotresinco - Craft Resin UK

Ashley Aaron, resin artist - @craftelotresinco

Hi my name is Ashley and I created Craftelot Resin Co. I live in Scottsdale, AZ, and I am currently studying to take the bar exam. As far as the name of my resin business is concerned, it is a play...


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ArtistsSadie Bird, Resin Artist - @resinisbeautyltd - Craft Resin UK

Sadie Bird, Resin Artist - @resinisbeautyltd

Hi Guys, my name is Sadie, I am a resin artist and I have been working with resin now for 18 months. My resin brand is called Resin Is Beauty.     I was inspired to have a go creating resin proje...

ArtistsJane Britton, Resin Artist - @mesmeresin - Craft Resin UK

Jane Britton, Resin Artist - @mesmeresin

My name is Jane and I am the creator behind Mesmeresin.     I make everything from keychain pendants and home decor ornamental pieces to memorial tributes using cremation ashes and keepsakes ...