Ideas For Guidance To Give To Your Resin Customers Who Purchase Your Epoxy Resin Creations:

Ideas For Guidance To Give To Your Resin Customers Who Purchase Your Epoxy Resin Creations: - Craft Resin

When selling your resin creations it’s always a good idea to add in some guidance for things like aftercare of their epoxy resin purchases. In this blog we’ll go through some examples that you can include in their order and how these could be presented to them.



Common guidance to give your customers:


1 - How to clean your epoxy resin purchases

2 - Where to display them

3 - Heat resistance

4 - Food safety guidance

5 - How to dispose of them if you need to


1 - How to clean your epoxy resin purchases


Epoxy resin is a form of plastic, it needs to be gently cleaned, simply using a dry or damp soft cloth to wipe clean is the best approach. Do not use any harsh chemicals when cleaning epoxy resin products as this can dull or even degrade the epoxy resin. Do not put any epoxy resin creation through a dishwasher, these can get very hot and make the item flexible and misshaped.



2 - Where to display them


Please keep your epoxy resin purchase out of direct sunlight in a cool area of the house. If the epoxy resin creation is kept in a very warm room like a conservatory, in summer, in direct sunlight this can make the item become flexible, when it cools again it will harden back up, but this could then misshape the item.


This also applies to items that are kept outside, please keep outdoor epoxy resin creations out of direct sunlight in a shady area.



3 - Heat resistance


Your epoxy resin creations are only heat resistant up to temperatures of 200F/93C. Please do not place anything straight from the oven onto your purchases. A warm mug should be ok, however sometimes having something like Green Tea (a drink without milk to cool it down slightly) placed on a resin coaster can make the item slightly flexible as the mug can get very hot.


If the items do become warm and slightly flexible, place them in a cooler area to harden again. Please note you will need to place them on a flat surface as they will harden to the shape they are placed on.



4 - Food safety guidance


The epoxy resin I’ve used, Craft Resin, has been tested by a third party for leaching and migration across worldwide standards and passed all testing: When you use Craft Resin as directed, the fully cured resin will not leach any substances into food that comes into contact with it. I have ensured your epoxy resin creation has been fully cured before sending to you and so your creation is safe for food items to be placed upon it, however please only display cooler/room temp food items on the creation, not hot food.



5 - How to dispose of them if you need to


Your epoxy resin creation is designed as a keepsake/memorial piece/homeware item that is not designed to be a disposable item, it’s created for the longer term. It cannot be recycled and so if you do need to dispose of the item for any reason then please place in your normal waste bin.


If the item is still in great condition and is simply no longer needed then you could look to gift it to someone else who may like it, or to sell it on so that less waste is being created unnecessarily.



How can I give this guidance to my customers:


There are lots of ways in which you can ensure your customers get the guidance above. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what would work with your brand.


Display guidance on your website


If you have your own resin business website, you can include lots of guidance for your customers on here. Having a Frequently Asked Question section can be a simply place to put this sort of guidance on. You can then direct your customers to this information when they purchase or receive their items.


Email your customer with the guidance


If you have a system that sends an automatic email out to your customers once they have purchased, or after they have received their purchase you can include this guidance in there too. Setting the guidance out in the email can work, or simply directing them to your FAQ section on your website can work too.



Include the guidance with their order


You could also include the guidance they need to suit their specific orders in their package with the products. Then when they open their order they will have everything they purchased and all the aftercare and advice they need to keep it looking incredible for the ling term.


If you are a new business starting out, simply creating a beautiful document with the information from your computer and printing it out can work wonders. Or if you have a bit more of a budget to spend you can get leaflets professionally designed and printed out to give it that extra touch.


The important thing when you’re starting out with your epoxy resin business is that your customers have, know and understand the aftercare and guidance, not that it’s printed on lavender smelling glossy paper adorned with your logo. So don’t worry at the beginning how you give them the information, just make sure it is available to them.


And try to make it as obvious as possible, us humans are busy, you need to make the information jump out (not literally) to your customers as much as possible. Making it stand out will help you in the long run as you’ll have less complaints and less questions thrown at you down the line.


If you’re unsure what guidance you need for the particular projects you are creating and selling then speak to another artist who creates and sells the same items, they will be more than happy we’re sure to explain the guidance they give out to their customers.


Team Craft Resin

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