Rosmery, Resin Artist - @rccreationsireland21

Rosmery, Resin Artist - @rccreationsireland21 - Craft Resin UK

My name is Rosmery and I am owner of RC Creations Ireland. I am originally from Italy and live in Ireland for more than 20 years, Dundalk is now my home.



I always loved art, since I was little, I always liked to create. I always watched videos or posts of art and that’s when I found craft resin! I first started it as a hobby, but then my love for resin grew and decided to open a Personalized gift shop online in August 2021.



At first was challenging, I didn’t know what I was doing, I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned from them. What I love most about resin is that you can create gifts that have a lifetime memory in it. Resin takes time and patience, slowly but surely you will get there.



Starting a new business, it’s not easy, but we the right tools and assistance, you can do anything! Starting a business gives you the freedom to work when you want, how you want, where you want, you decide! I started my Business one step at the time, I didn’t have a big investment, so I started with just 1L resin. The majority of my first projects were given away as gifts to family and friends, they loved it so much that they started buying and requesting personalized gifts for their friends and family.



I love resin because it gives me the freedom to create anything, it gives me the possibility to store memories into gifts for our loved ones. Another reason why I love resin is that you can make a living out it and love your work/job.



I just started being an ambassador for craft resin and I am sure that this will help me get some little extra beside my business. As well craft resin helps you with trainings and ideas.



My advice to you, if you love art, if you love creating, resin is the way to go! Craft Resin is the brand to use, they will give you all the support you need to start your new adventure!


Don’t be afraid let your creativity free!



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