3 Ways To Generate Additional Earnings Alongside Your Resin Business:

3 Ways To Generate Additional Earnings Alongside Your Resin Business: - Craft Resin UK

Selling your beautiful resin projects isn't the only way to make money from your resin business these days, there are other options that compliment your resin business that can make you extra money on the side!


Here are our top 3 ways that you can make extra money by collaborating with our brand and becoming a Brand Ambassador...


1 – Craft Resin’s Referral Program:


We wanted to reward our loyal customers for their continued support of Craft Resin and that’s why we introduced our very own Referral Program for resin artists to get rewarded when someone purchases Craft Resin from their referral. We felt it was only fair to give the people who love and share our brand a cut of the profits and we have continually developed this so that the rewards you get are even better now than when this first started.


So how does it work and who is it perfect for:


Our referral program works by signing up to our referral program online through our website. You enter a few personal details, name and email address and a link/code is generated that is unique to you. 


When you share this link with someone, either via a personal message or in your Bio in Instagram for example, and the person clicks on your link and purchases any Craft Resin product, they receive 10% off their order, and you as the referrer get 10% commission from that sale. And not just once, but every time they order through your link. This gives you the chance to earn repeat commissions.


For example: If someone clicks on your link and purchases a 4 Litre Pro Kit at £134.99, they would save £13.49 and you would receive £13.49 as a thank you from Craft Resin for sharing our brand. If they bought the 4 litres through your link every month, that would be an extra £13.49 a month going into your PayPal account just from one person!


Join our referral program today, start sharing and start earning:

UK Referral Program

US Referral Program

EU Referral Program


Your referral commissions are paid directly into your PayPal account by our referral system. You get the money so that you can spend it on what you like, whether that’s to top up your own resin supplies, or to treat yourself to something nice for all your hard work, it's completely up to you.


If you are referring to different countries, for example UK to US, US to UK, you will need to set up a different link in each country. The UK link will work in the UK market, and the US link will work in the US market. However the code you set can be the same for each market.



2 – Create a Craft Resin Course:


We have launched our new Craft Resin Academy which is a brand new resin course platform. This houses a multitude of courses dedicated to all things resin related.


We are looking for more artists to join our Academy as instructors, sharing their knowledge and skills on how they create their signature resin artwork/projects to teach others. Our mission with this is to make the world of resin accessible for all to learn, once they get the correct instructions from professional artists.


If you are an established resin artist and you have skills that you could share with others by creating pre-recorded video instructional content, then click on the link below:


Become a Craft Resin Academy Instructor


You will find more information about how to create a course through the link above and you will also have the full support of the Craft Resin team for guidance should you need us.


Our courses are free courses for people to take part and learn from, but as a resin artist who will create the course we can offer you compensation for the use of your content in the form of a one off payment in free resin/Craft Resin gift card  (amount will be discussed on an individual basis) and also your personalised referral links shared on every single video page you create. Giving you the opportunity to earn a 10% commission from the sale of any resin through your link, and again, not just once, but every time someone purchases through your link. There are no limits!


You will get to also share any courses that you create with your own audiences, further validating your expertise as a resin artist and helping to build your brand up further.


@resinbyren pictured above creating a Craft Resin Academy Course.


3 – Amazon Affiliate Programme:


We also sell Craft Resin on Amazon, which makes purchasing our resin super easy to do. Amazon has an affiliate program attached to it, which means that you can share products you love and use and once again earn a commission on this. The commissions vary from product to product, but on Craft Resin’s items, it works out to be 4%, which again over time can build up.


Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is easy and also free to do. Simply follow the link below for more information about this or to sign up:


Amazon Affiliate Program


What’s great about this is that you could get paid a commission not just on Craft Resin's products via Amazon, but also lots of others too. You could create a comprehensive list of items that you use for your resin projects and earn on all of those items. This also makes it great for newcomers to resin art, as they can get access to all that they need to start creating resin projects in one place from your personalised links.



So which one will you choose to help you make money on the side of your resin business? Maybe you’ll choose all 3!


Which ever one you choose they are so easy to share and gain traction with once you are set up. You can share them in your Instagram Bio, a great tool to help you share multiple links is LinkTree. You can share them in your Facebook Page or Group. You can share them in the text below any YouTube videos you create. You can share this in a personal message to anyone who reaches out and asks you what resin/tools you use or how to recreate a project you've made.


It’s never been easier to leverage off your social media accounts and have the ability to earn extra money online, so why not start setting these up now!


Results with all of the above ways of earning additional money do vary from person to person, it will depend on how much you share your links to the success of them and the quality of the courses you create. But having these additional links set up takes very little time to get into place and over time can pay off, so we believe they are totally worth the time to get them going.


In our opinion, having ways to earn extra money on the side of your resin business is always a good idea.


Team Craft Resin

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