Tasneem Member, ARTIST FROM THE UK

Tasneem Member, ARTIST FROM THE UK - Craft Resin

 I’m Tasneem the owner of a small business @tmhome_ on instagram. I initially  started working with craft resin during lockdown 2020. My experience with craft  resin has been excellent. It is easy to work with and suits my needs. 

 I have always been very creative and loved art. My instagram was the perfect way  to showcase my work and push myself to create various different pieces of art.  

 Craft resin really helped me build my confidence in the work I create. I have many  collections of trays, trinkets, jewellery trays, hair clips, coasters & keyrings which  you can order via my DM’s. I hope to expand my business in the future alongside my professional job.  


 instagram : @tmhome_




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