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Sarrah Amealia Resin Artist @RichAuntyResin - Craft Resin UK

Hi, my name is Sarrah Amealia,

I currently work in the Industrial Industry alongside owning a resin business called @RichAuntyResin.

During the Pandemic over these past couple of years I found myself getting higher than normal anxiety levels, and so I dove head first into creating with Resin to help ease my anxiety during these difficult times.


Resin was extremely intimidating for me at first, I wanted to try a year before I actually did, but the thought of working with potentially toxic chemicals and additives like glitter or alcohol ink scared me. I also wasn’t the most confident in my artistic ability, my background is in music and I am a singer and I’ve sung for majority of my life so working with my hands was something I had never really explored.


After I made my first resin letter keychain and my first TikTok to go with it I was completely hooked! I wanted to learn more, I wanted to make more, I wanted to get better and just tried different techniques. I was so inquisitive and a sponge, ready to soak up all the research.



I love to create our self named Luna dish, and once I found this mold I was extremely excited. I am a cancer sign, a moon baby, and so I love anything lunar and I have been making it ever since it actually was our first in person sale and it’s our best seller currently.

I had the idea to start my resin business in August 2021 and a month later I built a website and then a month and a half after that I decided I wanted to go ahead and sell on Instagram and Facebook. It was a pretty natural progression. I'm the kind of person that solidifies a decision internally and sees it through, why not just go for it!

My biggest obstacle to overcome in starting my business was honestly - not giving up! It was really about just pushing myself and telling myself that the added layer of the business aspect of this was just going to enhance my experience. It is stressful, I definitely won’t lie about that, it creates an intense need for balance. The biggest obstacle in reality was myself, I just had to keep telling myself that I could do it and to not give up.


My second biggest obstacle was making a website, it almost took me out of the game, next time I will definitely be hiring someone to help me! I had to dig deep into my MySpace memories to remember how to code and HTML, it was a foreign lost memory but I’m glad I got through it and our site has been live since November 2021.


In your business journey, you realise your strengths and you utilise them to your advantage. But you also bring up your weaknesses to the surface too, and all you have to do with these is acknowledge them and get help in those areas. Humans are amazing, but we can't do it all, once we know this we can excel.


Creating with Resin has given me so much joy, it has fully enhanced my life. It gets me outdoors and it keeps me active and social by talking to other people and introducing myself to other crafters. It has just really breathed new life into my creativity is an artist.


What I’m most excited for in regards to my resin business is watching it grow and watching people truly enjoy what I make. Even if I never made a sale but people think what I make is actually kind of cool or even think that the colors are nice I’m just so excited and so grateful.


it’s really just it’s bought me this new found happiness that I didn’t necessarily have during this hectic time here.


I hope resin brings as much joy and happiness to you too.


Sarrah x

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