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💙 Love Is All Around With This Years Valentine's Resin-Spiration 💙

💙 Love Is All Around With This Years Valentine's Resin-Spiration 💙 - Craft Resin

We are feeling the love for Valentine's Day this year in the resin community. We've seen so many great resin creations already and there's still almost two weeks to go before the day 💙


Resin does take time to create and so it's always a good idea to mark down the years celebrations and then pop in your diaries in advance of these dates to start creating so that you can get ahead of the curve, especially if you have a resin business and want to sell your Valentine's creations.


Lets share some of the projects that we've been admiring with you all...


Starting with these heart coasters by @standtogetheruk - aren't these just so beautiful! Pinks make the perfect colour for resin gifts at this time of year and we love how the resin artist has included some beautiful soft white swirls and glitters into the projects too:



Valentine's is all about the romance and love that's shared between people, what's great about resin is that you can create the most beautiful colour and pattern combinations to projects that give off those loving vibes, but that are actually a really practical gift that can keep on giving throughout the year too, like these incredibly beautiful coasters by the resin coaster queen herself @resinbyren:



Next up is a really creative project created by @magdas_bling - Who wants to give their loved ones flowers that will only last a week, when you could gift your loved one a resin rose which will last forever! It's not only another beautiful project but a really genius idea for a resin make around Valentine's Day especially.




Valentine's Day isn't all about hearts and flowers, Valentine's day is about gifting your loved one a gift that they will truly love and we believe this beautiful and extremely elegant pot by @scbholders makes for an amazing Valentine's gift. Pots like these can be used in so many ways and used to house many things including their precious jewellery.



While we're on the subject of alternative Valentine's resin gifts, how about giving your loved one the gift of true art that can be proudly displayed somewhere it will be admired long after Valentine's Day has passed. A gift to showcase your love, that keeps giving off those loving vibes all year. This stunning Geode Artwork is created by @resinbyren:



Traditional fluffy cuddly toy bears have been given to loved ones as a valentine's gift, but how about gifting a resin bear, we love this one by @standtogetheruk who has also included these beautiful red love hearts in the project to make it even more special.



How about carrying around love in your pocket all day with these beautiful pocket heart hugs by The Resin Pixie. Not only do these look great, but what a lovely sentiment and gift to give someone you love too!



What about creating a romantic afternoon tea at home for your loved one over Valentine's and use a beautiful resin cake stand that just sings Valentine's vibes! This stunning creation is by @latelier_resinee.



What Valentine's Afternoon Tea celebration would be complete without some bubbles! Wether you're splashing out on some fabulous Champagne, or staying grounded with some delicious Prosecco, a Champagne flute would look so beautiful resting on these super romantic coasters by @resinbyren:



Most ladies out there will probably agree here, but you can't really go wrong on Valentine's if you gift your female loved ones beautiful resin love heart earrings like these beautiful earrings by @sophs_craftandresin. We have an IGTV with Sophie, the artist behind this brand, sharing her story of how she became a resin artist and how she's gone from no resin background to creating items like these in only 3 months! Certainly worth a watch for some resin-spiration.



And while we're on the subject of resin jewellery, there are so many different variations you can make, including heart necklaces like this fabulous heart of the ocean vibes necklace by @fabandquirky. The blue is a different take on the traditional Valentine's pinks and reds, which is great because this gives people choice this Valentine's (not everyone loves a pink or red colour, and that's what's great about resin projects they can be customised to the customers prefered colour theme) You'll all agree with us, it looks absolutely incredible and anyone would love to receive a gift from their loved one like this 💙:



Sometimes simplicity can be the most beautiful creation and make for the most wonderful romantic gift for your loved one. We love this statue of a couple in a loving embrace by @standtogetheruk. You can't help but feel the love looking at this piece of resin artwork.



We hope this latest blog has given you some inspiration for what you could create this Valentine's Day, or the kind of variation of resin gifts that are available to gift your loved ones over Valentine's Day.


If you have been inspired by the resin art in this Blog then check out the artists pages by clicking on the images below of their work. If you have any questions about their work, please send the artist a message directly.


We hope that however you are spending Valentines that you are surrounded in person or afar by those who love you so very much. We're sending our amazing resin community so much love this week and always, you are absolutely the best 💙


Team Craft Resin

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