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Nikos Bartlam is the creator, and craftsman @against.the.grain.nb based on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Niko's brings together wood and resin in order to create unique bespoke furniture. The character and warmth of the wood mixed with resin, whether it be transparent or metallic in colour, can breathe life into furniture around homes and workplaces.



Niko's works together with his customers to make sure that what they want is achieved for them, down to the smallest detail. He specialises in canapé boards, chopping boards, serving boards, coffee tables, and longboards. But the variety the art of resin and wood can offer is limitless.


Although all his pieces are one of a kind, he can offer more than one of each design. Please note that due to the handmade nature and variations of wood and resin, each product and end result to one of his courses may be different.

Growing up Nikos has always been fascinated with wood and bright colours. And one day when he stumbled across his first resin and wood art piece he decided to dedicate all the time he could to self teach - which he has now developed into his full time job. He has always believed in everything he has done, he has always ‘gone against the grain’....and pushed to be different, and that’s where the company got its title.

Niko's is excited to now share my passion for wood/resin art and help others unleash their potential in this field too. By starting with beautiful wood and resin chopping boards for your own home, you never know where your resin journey could take you!



Nikos's Wood/Resin Chopping Board Course will enable you to:

  • Expand your skills into another medium, if you already have wood or resin skills, but have never combined the two.
  • You'll be able to create bespoke chopping boards for your own home, to gift to family and friends, or to sell. And these will be no ordinary chopping boards, these will make people go wow!
  • Take your resin skills to the next level! Learn how to make your own wood/resin chopping board, add in colours using resin art to make your board pop and learn how to make your own mold to cast in.

Get stuck in or learn more about Niko's course, and all the other courses we have available:

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