🎄🎉 Festive Resin-Spiration 🎉🎄

🎄🎉 Festive Resin-Spiration 🎉🎄 - Craft Resin

We have seen so many fabulous Festive resin creations recently, Santa's Resin Elves have been very busy indeed!


In our latest Blog we wanted to share some of the latest resin creations that have caught our eye to inspire you all to get creative this Festive season and create your own Resin Decorations, Resin Tableware and more...



As you move through the blog, if any of the work catches your eye and you'd like to see it in more detail please click on the images as this will take you through to the Resin Artists Instagram feed where you'll be able to admire not only the featured Festive project, but many others they've created too.


Let's start this blog off with some beautiful Resin Decorations. These beautiful brightly coloured Resin Christmas Tree Baubles from @prescription_resin will make any tree pop with vibrancy! We love how the artist has taken traditional bauble shapes, but added their own spin on the traditional Christmas theme by creating them in bright colours, and adding extra glitters and tinsel around the tops to make them stand out even more:



Snowflake Resin Decorations can be a popular choice for mold, and they can look incredible like the ones below by @missl.inart. Once again traditional snowflakes are all kinds of shades of white, but adding other colours and glitters can really make them stand out from the background of your tree. Of course all resin creations can be fully customisable so you can create any colour combinations that your imagination will allow you to. This is also a great selling point as people can order colours that work for their Festive theme from you, meaning you can offer bespoke Christmas Decorations to your customers, which many mainstream shops cannot:



Snowflake molds can come in many shapes and sizes, so every Resin Artist can create their own version of a winter snowflake design. We love the ones below that were created by @vrlcraftwork, the white effect in the middle that then leads to the sparkles on the end using glitters creates such a beautiful colour effect. The great thing about using resin to create your Christmas Tree decorations is that resin is extremely light, a resin decoration won't bend your tree branches as much as say a glass decoration would:



Tree resin decorations can be all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours, check out these two beautiful Resin Reindeer by below. The colours for a start in these two beauties is incredible, they're so unique and would look fantastic adorned around the house or on your tree. What's your favourite decoration so far?



While we're on the subject of Reindeer, how about creating freestanding Festive decorations like this cute little Reindeer below that was created by @alexthealchemyst. We quite like the simplicity of the clear resin Alex has used for his piece, but you could once again add any colour combinations you'd like, or cast something precious like Ashes/Flowers etc in your Festive creations too, creating not just decorations but memories that will last forever:



From one Reindeer project to the next, but this time we have Reindeer used in Resin Coasters. These fabulous coasters were created by @thehandmaderesinartco. Festive tableware is very popular at this time of year, and having something Festive and beautiful to place your Christmas tipples on while you're having your Christmas feast can set the scene even more:



 The fantastic Reindeer below that's been created by @magically_resin is also a freestanding decoration, but Alex has placed the Reindeer in this image on another Resin Tray she has created. You could place the tray in the centre of your festive table and display all your condiments, or bring out this showstopper to display your Mince Pies on for desert. The reindeer in this piece will probably only come out near the Festive season, but the tray could then be used for so many other things throughout the year:



Festive themed Trays are always popular at this time of year as they have so many different uses and you can create so many different themes. This brilliant Resin Tray below was created by @standtogetheruk. If you have children (or grown up children lol) who love to leave treats for Santa and his Reindeer then this tray would be a great make that you could make together as a family to then display at this time of year.


As Chrissy is also our Educator we also have a free tutorial to show how to make the tray below. Click on the image below for a YouTube tutorial on how to create this Festive Tray:



Next we have a couple of amazing Festive resin creations by @cla_resin. First up from the artist is this beautiful Winter themed Resin Gingerbread House. Create the perfect winter display with something like this in your house, or as a centrepiece to your Festive table. We love that this creation also lights up, making cosy evenings in during the winter a real joy:



Clare has also created this beautiful Gingerbread House Jar which can be used as Festive decoration, or functionally to fill with sweets. Whatever you decide to use it for it will look fabulous in your home over the Festive season:



Another functional Festive themed resin creation is this set of Festive Resin Coasters and Festive Trinket Box. These incredible creations were made by @flow_artbyjessica. We can just imagine being cosy on the couch, while next to us on the coffee table were a couple of festive hot drinks placed on these beautiful coasters, and then upon opening the trinket box you've placed delicious Christmas cookies inside:



To end we wanted to announce our newest Course that's been created by Jamie from Jamie shares how to create beautiful winter themed resin trays so that you can create your own at home this winter. Learn how to create a tray to satisfy your resin crafting itch, or learn to add them to your resin business portfolio of makes. Themed resin items during specific seasons can be great sellers, so adding them to your product offerings can be really beneficial to your brand.


Click on the image below to be taken to our course platform and Jamies free course - How to build a winter themed resin tray:



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We hope you get lots of inspiration from above for all your own Festive creations - We can't wait to see what you all create over the next month and beyond!


Team Craft Resin

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