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🍂 Autumn Resin-Spiration 🍂

🍂 Autumn Resin-Spiration 🍂 - Craft Resin UK

It's that time of year when the leaves on the trees start turning to browns and orange shades, they start falling onto the ground leaving carpets of leaves all around them. The evenings draw in and get darker earlier and people start becoming hermits again!


Autumn is here, and it might be time to switch up some of your summer inspired creations and factor in the changing seasons.



In this blog we want to share some of the latest Autumn creations that we've been seeing adorniging our social media feeds to give you lots of inspiration and ideas to what you might try to create next.


All of the work featured in this blog has been created by Resin Artists who will be named throughout the blog, you can click on their resin business names to head to their Instagram feeds to admire their work or click on the images to view the specific Autumnal projects they have created.


Before we do this there is one thing we would like to point out, because the seasons are changing, the temperatures are changing too. Resin projects love warmer temperatures. So as the temperatures get colder you might need to rethink how you warm your resin and workspace. You can learn more about how to do this in our temperature blog below:


How To Get Your Epoxy Resin Work To The Ideal Temperature 


Let's dive into the resin-spiration...


First up we have a beautiful Autumn inspired Resin leaf Tray that was created by @standtogetheruk, Chrissy the resin artist behind the brand is one of our Craft Resin educators and she even has a video that will be released on the 28.09.22 that shows you how to create this project. Click the link below to view this video and then click on the image to see Chrissy's leaf in all its glory:


Autumn Leaf Tray - Dirty Pour Technique



While we're on the subject of leaves, feast your eyes on this extremely beautiful resin creation the artist Alex has lovingly named "Treasure Of Leaves", a very fitting name for such an amazing project. Alex owns the resin brand @magically_resin and the clue is in the name, because she does create extremely magical resin pieces that are not your everyday "normal" resin creations. The shimmer that these beautiful autumnal colours give off in this creation really does need to be viewed in person to gain the real awe of it, but head to Alex's feed to see it closer up:



As the nights are drawing in and the evenings are getting darker it's the perfect opportunity to create resin projects with lights in them. People can display your creations at home during the day, then when the darkness sets in turn the lights on to make their homes have a beautiful cosy glow to them. Light creations like this fabulous pyramid cone encapsulated creation by Tash from Nats Hobby Craft makes for a fabulous light. With the extra touch of adding autumn themed goodies into your creations, like the cone, this will give it that extra autumnal feel to it. We're sure you'll find lot's of autumnal goodies lying around outdoors at the moment that you could dry and use:



Creating anything seasonal can be as simple as adding seasonal colours to your creations. These beautiful dice you see below can be created for any time of year, but using the beautiful orange colours and glitters really gives them an autumnal feel. These dice were created by the very talented Gabby from @maisedesignsdice, if you're looking for resin dice inspiration then Gabby's page is a must view:



If you're looking to create an autumnal resin project with a twist then this next project is certainly one to check out for resin-spiration. The very talented Amelia from the resin brand @thanordinary has created this wonderful puzzle piece to represent the transition into Fall. You'll notice the leaves at one end of her project are still quite green, but then as they move through the project they transform into the beautiful autumn oranges. A fantastic representation of the changing seasons:




What autumn themed blog would it be if we didn't include a pumpkin or two! Its coming up to pumpkin picking season so Instagram especially will be filled with images of influencers in pumpkin fields, or cute babies propped up besides them, if you can't beat them join them, just give yours a resin twist! Like these beautiful selection of different sized pumpkins by Alex from @alexthealchemyst. Play around with your own creations, create traditional orange coloured ones or mix it up with other colours, you're the artist, what you create goes:



It also would be an Autumnal Blog without diving into the world of Halloween! The spooky season is nearly here and we've seen lot's of you get ready for this in advance, some of the resin creations we've seen have been spookily brilliant!


So let's get you all set for Halloween with the following creations...


No Halloween would be complete without ghosts flying around everywhere! This fabulous Ghost Lamp was created by the super talented Chrissy from @standtogetheruk. Because the ghost is white the light shines through really well and makes it really stand out:



Another Halloween must have is a skull of some form. We absolutely love this Resin Skull Tray that Jacqueline Wilde created, this would be perfect to use as a Halloween decoration or to use as a tray for any trick or treat sweets that you may be giving out this year. Jacqueline uses resin to create incredible projects like this as a hobby, and probably a well deserved mindfulness break from her full time roll as an NHS Nurse. She doesn't have a dedicated resin social media page, but if you'd like to see more of her fabulous work then you can become a member of our Facebook Community Group where you will find Jacqueline's and many other resin hobbyists creations:



Last but not least we wanted to finish this resin-spiration blog on a very impressive resin creation - This fantastic and very large Resin Coffin. Isn't it wonderful! This project was created by Kimberly who is another resin artist who often shares her brilliant creations in our Facebook Community Group. Kimberly owns the resin brand @kc_fox_creations, definitely check out her feed for lots of different resin-spiration:



Thank you to all of our fabulous artists who's work we shared in this weeks blog, you are all a true inspiration to us and many more, you're work is incredible!


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We hope you have a great time working with our epoxy resin and creating lots of incredible seasonal creations like above!


Team Craft Resin

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