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How To Create Beautiful And Original Epoxy Resin Geodes:

How To Create Beautiful And Original Epoxy Resin Geodes: - Craft Resin UK

For those of you new to resin you might not have even heard the term resin geode before, for others of you who may be starting to tackle more advanced projects these could be your next step in levelling up your resin creations.



First of all what are resin geodes?


A resin geode is an artistic version of a natural geode rock that you would find in nature. A resin geode makes for the most incredible artworks that have a 3D form to them so come to life. They can be all kinds of different colours and shapes to them with lots of different dimensions.


Here is an example:



So where do you even begin in making one of these fabulous pieces of art? Let us explain more, because they look complicated, but can actually be quite simple to create…


1 - Prepare your work space and equipment:


Before you begin any resin project you want to ensure your workspace is prepared and that you have everything close to hand that you need for your project. Once your resin and hardener are mixed you have roughly between 40-50 minutes working time before it won’t be able to be poured onto your project.


This is the time to check that you either have your workspace well ventilated, or if this effects the temperature and you can’t, then at least have your safe equipment on like respirator, gloves, tie long hair back. The workspace temperature needs to be between 21-24C or 70-75F to ensure your work cures and doesn’t cause issues. If the temperature is lower than this you will have problems with any resin projects you create.


You’ll want to make sure that your workspace is protected by plastic sheeting so the runny resin doesn’t spill onto carpets, table tops etc. Resin does flow freely and can easily spill, so protect your space around your project.


2 - Find and prep your base:


To create a resin geode you will need to create it on a base, it will be harder at the start to create a geode in a mold. A good base that you can use is from a piece of MDF wood, but you will need to prep this before you apply resin to it.


First of all you’ll want to cut it onto the shape that you’d like your design to be. Natural geodes aren’t a square or rectangular shape, they’re normally oval shaped, but you can create artwork geodes that have a square base to them but then you’ll add lines and rounder elements to the top of the project. The shape you create is really up to your artistic flare or your customers desires.


Once the MDF is cut to size and shape, then you can think about adding a primer to the top of the base. MDF is porous, and so if the resin is added to it it won’t settle fully and you won’t get an even finish to your work. So you’ll need to add something like an emulsion paint to the mDF or Mod Podge, then let this dry fully before moving onto the next step.


Once that is dry you can turn your base over, you’ll want to add frog tape to the back edges of your base. When you pour resin onto your project it will spill over the sides, unless you’ve created a damn, when it pours over drips can appear under your work. If you’ve taped your base underneath these drips will be easier to remove later.



3 - Colouring the resin:


Once the base is prepped and ready you can move onto colouring your resin. Geodes are usually made up of complimenting colours, for example different shades of green poured on at different stages. So think about the colours you have available and choose two or three out of your packs. Mica Powders can be great for colouring your resin easily and you will find in Craft Resin Mica Powder packs lots of colours to create the most beautiful geodes with.


Simply mix your resin and hardener for about 4 minutes and then add in a very small amount of your Mica Powder colour of choice, and then repeat this step with all 3 of your colours.


Once you have your colours mixed with your resin you’ll be able to pour these onto your base. Start with one colour at a time, creating almost lines flowing over your project. These lines won’t be perfectly straight and they will move around as the resin spreads, you aren’t trying to create perfect lines, you want these to move and colours to blend slightly.


Once you have randomly poured one, leaving spaces for others, you can pour the next colour in a similar way, and then the next. Till your geode is completely covered in wonderful colours with different blended shapes taking form. Leave this to cure slightly, or if you’re not going to add crystals leave this to completely cure. If more resin needs adding as you go you can build this up in layers, or leave it as it is if it’s perfect in your eyes.



4 - Adding crystals:


Once the resin has been poured you can then take the crystals and gently place these into sections of your geode artwork that you think they look the best in. You can form clusters of crystals in a corner or two, of have then popping out of one of the lines through your project.


As with everything resin related this is where you show off your artistic flare, there are no right or wrong ways to position your crystals, it's up to you and the look you’d like to create. You might need to try this on a smaller project first to see how you like to position them best, or draw a plan out first before you begin.


Make sure some or all of the crystals are tucked into the resin, the resin when it cures will keep the crystals in place. Some artists will submerge all the crystals and then cover them with resin, some will leave them jutting out. Some will cover in a clear resin at the end as a kind of top coat.


Actual crystals can be expensive depending on what types you use, rose quartz works well with pink or neutral resin tones, sapphire might work better with greens and turquoise resin colours. If crystals are out of your budget, especially when experimenting at the start you can make your own out of resin and add these into your geode creations.


5 - Adding geode lines:


Once you’ve poured your resin, you’ve added your crystals (or fake crystals) then it’s time to add some lines. Geodes have lines running through them and again follow the shape of the geode itself. You can add lines with resin that you’ve mixed gold Mica Powder in, if you use a syringe you can get a thinner line. Or you can use a gold marker pen to create lines. You can use gold, silver or any other colour again that works with the project you’re creating, there are no rules. You could add things like gold or silver leaf at this point to, experiment with colours and additional touches like these, take a look at other artists who create geodes to gain some inspiration and ideas and have fun with it.



6 - Finishing touches:


Once the lines are added you’ll really see your geode project come to life. Now all you’ll need to do is finish your project off once it’s fully dried. It might take longer to dry that the normal 24 hours, depending on how many resin layer you’ve used etc, so please do leave your project for at least a week if unsure before moving it.


Once dry turn your project over and then gently using a heat torch warm up the resin drips that have formed, this will make it easier to then pull the tape off. Be careful as the drips may get hot so please use gloves and don’t leave the heat torch on the drips for too long, do it section by section and take the tape off slowly.


Sometimes you may need to then sand down any drips that still appear to make the back completely smooth and give a professional finish to your work. Only sand when the resin drips are completely dry again.


You can then add any fixings to the back of your work that will enable you to hang your work to display. Unless you’re going to free stand your geode project.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how simple creating resin geodes can be. They might be a great addition to your resin business, or simply a great hobby that you can then proudly display around your own home.


Once you have perfected creating resin geodes these can be sold for quite high prices due to the items needed to create them and the time it takes the artists to build these creations up, they can make a great addition to your resin business if you wish to explore this more.


Some of the resin geode artists that we speak to have gained contracts to create geode artworks for hotels, and other businesses as unique and extremely beautiful decoration artwork. You never know where creating with geodes could take your resin business!


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We hope you have a great time working with our epoxy resin and creating lots of incredible geodes!


Team Craft Resin

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