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🌞 Summer Inspiration 🌞 - Craft Resin UK

Summer, Summer, Summer time...


It's coming, we're getting closer to the time of year that resin loves best, the warm weather period!


With this new season round the corner, comes and opportunity to be inspired by some creations that have summer vibes all over them. Go through the images below, pick the ones you love and create your own version of them.


All images link through to the artists profile on Instagram, so if you have any creative questions for any of them please reach out, we work very closely with these artists and they are all very helpful and supportive of other artists. Lots of these artists will also have personal Craft resin discount codes, so if you have been inspired to create because of their work, please check if they have a code they can give you to as you'll get 10% off any Craft Resin products using their codes.



First up is a Sunflower Home Decor piece created by our Social Media Team Lead, Alex, from the resin brand @magically_resin. Alex is one of the artists we work with who has an engineering mind and so she creates the most wonderful and innovative creations using resin. Alex has lots of tutorials available on our YouTube channel so you can learn from some of her techniques too:


Craft Resin YouTube Tutorials



Sticking with the yellow theme to bring the sunshine to your resin creations, check out this stunning resin flower design by Nadine, from the resin brand @resin_kreativwelt. Adding flowers themselves to your summer inspired resin creations will give you that summer feel, but so too can creating flower effects with colours in resin:



Next up we have the most vivid yellow flower creation by Sadie, who owns the resin brand @resinisbeautyltd. Sadie has used a dried sunflower in her resin to give this beautiful bright yellow summery feel to her resin ashtray:



Moving on from the vibrant summer yellows, to all the blues and ocean vibes, because it wouldn't be summer without some beach visits! This next project has been created by Chrissy, our Brand Ambassador Team lead, who owns the resin brand @standtogetheruk. We really like the idea of creating beach themed resin creations in shapes of the animals that you'd find in the ocean, it's a lovely pairing. Chrissy also has lots of tutorials on our Youtube channel, including how to create beach art like this, so check it out if you'd like to create similar projects too:



Keeping the beach theme flowing, but mixing it up slightly, next we have a beach themed resin clock. This project has been created by Saide again, from the resin brand @resinisbeautyltd. Resin clocks are always such a great mix of functional art, they serve a really great purpose, lots of people need them, but then they also look great as a focal point in your home too:



 From resin beach clocks, to resin beach themed coasters. We love that the artist Laura, who is our Facebook Community Groups Educator, and who owns the resin brand @thehandmaderesinartco, has created a coaster but has then threaded a rustic string through it so that they can actually be displayed as art in the home too, or it can still be used as a traditional resin coaster:



 Moving away from the beach/ocean theme, but keeping the blues going, because blue is a very summery colour. We're moving onto these stunning resin coasters by Megs, who owns the resin brand @megswonderland. The colours and depth to these coasters do remind us of diving into the ocean, so create that summer vibe in your projects with the colours and additions you can add to your resin projects at this time of year:



 Bright colours are a symbol of summer, in the winter months we all tend to gravitate more towards darker colours, but then when the seasons change the bright colours come out again. It's a really simple way to add a touch of summer to your creations, add some bright colours to them. The neon colours in the coaster below have summer written all over them. The beautiful vivid coaster was created by Sarah, who owns the resin brand @art_of_resin:



An emerging technique that's proving popular in the resin community at the moment, is bending resin. Letting your resin project cure just enough so you're able to de-mold, then resting it on an object that will then form the bent resin once fully cured. You can create lots of different resin projects using this technique, but we love this beautiful, bold pink resin bowl below. This creations is by Cathii, who owns the resin brand @cathiilapierreart. Another great summer colour! Cathii has courses available for people wanting to expand their resin skills and learn techniques like this, head to Cathii's Instagram feed and check out the link in her bio for more information about these courses:



To end this weeks blog we couldn't go without sharing these fabulous, bright and super summery resin earrings. If you think of all the events that take place in the summer months, everyone dresses up in their best outfits, what better resin project to offer them than resin jewellery that could be matched to their outfits colour needs! We'd definitely recommend checking out Ayanna's Instgram feed for lots of bright and beautiful resin creations, Ayanna owns the resin brand @prescription_resin:



We hope this weeks blogs given you the creative inspiration you need to take your art into the summer months. As always please tag Craft Resin in any creations you showcase on social media, we love seeing what you're all making, and who knows, your work could be featured in a future blog to inspire others!


If you're new to epoxy resin for art, then make sure to check out our YouTube channel and other blogs where you'll find lots of guidance about how to create similar projects to those featured in this blog.


If you'd like to buy epoxy resin UK then check out our shop section where you'll find all the projects we offer to help you create projects like these and so much more.


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