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What Projects Are Craft Resin's Epoxy Resin's Best For?

What Projects Are Craft Resin's Epoxy Resin's Best For? - Craft Resin UK

Earlier this year we released a new resin, our Deep Pour Resin. This has opened up the door to create lots of different projects compared to what could be created with our Low Viscosity Resin only. having two options now opens up what you can create using our epoxy resin for crafts.

In this weeks blog we'll be exploring some of the creations you can make using our brands resin, which means both the Deep Pour Resin and Low Viscosity Resin.


The list below covers lots of projects, but because epoxy resin is extremely versatile, you can create lots of other projects with it too, artists are finding new ways to use resin every day!

If you want to create a project thats not on this list, go for it! Experiment, get creative and most importantly have fun trying new things - Thats what artists do, and that is where the beauty in your art comes from.

Resin Tableware:

Resin is a great substance to use to make different table ware items. You can colour resin and create all kinds of patterns within your projects and so you can create tableware items that can be bespoke to your own decorating style or your customers.

Some of the most popular tableware items are things like:

Resin Coasters
Resin Trays
Resin Wine Butlers
Resin Bowls
Wood/Resin Chopping Boards

Creating different projects with epoxy resin will take very similar basic techniques, but will vary slightly with the equipment needed and the molds you’ll use.

Most tableware items are smaller projects so our Low Viscosity resin will be good to use for most of these. Our Low Viscosity resin comes in smaller size bottles so you have more purchase options when creating smaller projects too.

Usually tableware projects are relatively thin, and so you don’t need to worry about changing techniques in order to create thicker projects. If your project is over 1/4” thick then look into the techniques needed to create with layers, or look into using our Deep Pour resin.

Resin makes for great creations like coasters, as they are heat resistant up to 200F or 93C after 21 days curing time. At high temperatures like these the resin project can become slightly flexible, but once cooled down again it will harden up. Generally the heat from a hot mug won’t damage the coasters surface at all. These temperature figures stand for our Low Viscosity resin, our Deep Pour temperatures are slightly lower than these.

We do have a blog all about creating basic resin coasters, so if you would like to start creating these projects then this is a good place to start to learn the techniques. Once you have perfected the basic techniques then you can change to different projects and also different colour and pattern techniques too.

We also have lots of free video tutorials that can teach you how to create different resin projects:

Craft Resin YouTube Tutorials

Creating with resin is an art form and can be a very therapeutic activity to carry out. You also end up with some incredible creations to display in your own home, or gift to family and friends, or as products to start a resin business.

Items like resin tableware projects are great for selling, they are items that everyone uses in their daily lives and that can look extremely attractive in a home. A great selling point with these kinds of projects is that you can create them to the customers bespoke colour needs to match their home style.


Resin Tables/Countertops:

Now we have our Deep Pour resin available, it's the perfect time to try larger resin creations like creating resin river tables or resin countertops. Our Low Viscosity resin was designed for smaller creations, as you can't mix too much of that product at once or the heat build up is too great. With this new resin the heat build up doesn't reach the same high temperatures, so you can mix more at once. Making it perfect for larger resin projects.

Resin river tables can look incredible, and you can usually create a very lucrative business out of selling these as you can charge more for projects like this.

Resin kitchen countertops have also become very popular over recent years, as you can normally recreate an expensive countertop look for a fraction of the price.

If you are going to be creating any large projects using our brands resin, we would always recommend practicing the simple techniques on something smaller first before tackling the larger creations. Resin can take time to perfect and the techniques you use need to be flawless to create larger projects without imperfections, so please bear this in mind.

We have further guidance online for creating worktops/countertops, please read this and do some further research before taking on a very large creation.


Resin Artwork:

Epoxy resin can give a great protective cover to your artwork, and make it glossy. Or you can create your own Geode Artwork with it.

Geode - These can look incredible displayed in your home, or gallery. Resin Geode art is more 3D than normal paintings and can be created with the most mesmerising colours and patterns to it.

You can add crystals you your Geode artwork, or create your own resin crystals to use in your work.

Covering art - This is the more traditional use for Craft Resin. Our resin was created as a coating resin to cover artwork, to give it a protective and a glossy look to artworks. Our Low Viscosity resin is perfect for covering artwork.

The anti yellowing properties and UV protection in our resin, help to protect your artwork from the elements and keep the colours looking as fresh as the day it was created.

Please make sure if you are covering your artwork in epoxy resin, that you have used the correct paints, not oil based, and you have allowed the paints to dry fully before applying the epoxy resin to your work, drying times can take weeks.


Resin Memorial Art/Gifts:

As epoxy resin drys hard and offers protection from the elements it’s a really great substance to use to create memorial pieces with that will stand the test of time.

If you are creating with resin for the very first time we would suggest practicing on something less valuable for your first one or two attempts at a project. If you don’t follow the tech dues to the letter with resin it can sometimes go wrong, and we would not want to you have used your valuable ashes, or flowers to create something that then doesn’t turn out as you would like it to.

Ashes - Some people like to create resin keepsakes with the ashes of a loved one or favorite pet in them. Items like resin jewelry, dog tags, and special display items can all make great keepsakes.

There are lots of established resin artists out there who create items like these and have a proven track record with items like this going right, so please do some research and contact these artists directly if you would like someone else to create these items for you.

Flower keepsakes - If you have recently got married and would like to keep your beautiful bouquet of flowers as a keepsake for all time, then encapsulating them in resin can be a great way of doing this.

We do have a blog dedicated to working with epoxy resin and flowers, but once again, if you don’t feel comfortable working with your own special flowers then please speak to a resin artists who creates these projects all the time and they will be able to create something special for you with your flowers.

Photo memories - Sometimes people wish to encapsulate photos in resin to keep them safe for the future. There are various frames you can create out of resin which you can encapsulate a photo in.

There are specific techniques to follow when encapsulating photos in resin, we don’t have a guide available for this at this time, so further research will need to be carried out before you begin a project like this.


Resin Statues:

By statues we’re not talking about a large statue that you would sit in your garden, but instead the smaller statues and figurines you see around homes.

There are lots of projects like this that the members of our Facebook Community Group create all the time, and they look amazing.

Here are a few ideas of what statues you can create from resin:

Resin Pyramids.
Resin Skulls.
Resin Bears.
Resin Goddesses.

When it comes to creating statues with resin, you’re really only limited by the molds that are on offer, or that you can make yourself or have made for you.

Resin statues like Pyramids can take larger quantities of resin to create, so our Deep Pour resin might be a better option for you when creating these as you'll be able to create in less layers than with our Low Viscosity resin.

You can read how to use our Deep Pour resin to create projects like this here.


Resin Lights:

Many of the thicker projects like statues actually look really great if you add lights to them. Especially in the winter months when it is dark outside, resin statues with lights in can make a home look extremely cosy.

We do have a blog which explains more about putting lights into epoxy resin creations so please do read that if you’d like to learn more.

Animal Tags:

Resin when cured is an extremely lightweight material, this then makes great items like animal tags for collars as they won’t weigh the animals down.

You can get molds in the shapes of bones, hearts, rectangles and paw prints. They all come with a section in the mold that sticks up to form a space where a chain can go, so that you can easily attached them to an animal collar.

You can use lots of different colours to create bespoke tags, and you can also add resin stickers on them which you can seal in with a layer of clear resin over the top to add in the pets name.
If you do sell these kinds of creations, make sure you put some guidance in the pack sharing how these are not to be used by animals who like to chew their own tags. No pet should swallow these tags as they may be harmful.

Tea-Light Candle Holders:

Craft Resin's heat resistance after 21 days cure, is 200F or 93C for our Low Viscosity resin and 180F or 80C for our Deep Pour resin.

Tea light holders can be extremely beautiful, but caution must be taken. If the tea light holder has very low sides, normally the flame will not touch the resin or get close enough to burn the project. But if you are going to use a real tea light candle please make sure it is never unattended.

The safer way to do it would be to use a battery operated tea light, this is much more safe and can be left unattended as the lights won't heat up and cause any damage to the resin.

Prevention is always better than cure, and so avoiding flames near resin in the first place will always be the better option.


Similar to the animal tags, epoxy resin makes for great jewellery pieces because it is very lightweight when cured - No saggy earlobes with resin earrings!

You can create so many different jewellery pieces and in your own unique style, or your customers:

Resin Earrings Hoops, studs, dangly ones the lot!
Resin Necklaces.
Resin Bangles.
Resin Hair Clips.

Pretty much only your imagination will limit what jewellery can be created with Craft Resin. There are so many mold makers out there who can create bespoke molds for you, and you can even create your own. You can literally make anything!


People are craving bespoke creations these days, personalised and unique to them. Resin gives you the perfect medium in which to create bespoke items for people, whether that’s resin jewellery or resin coasters, you can completely personalise them to the persons tastes, colour scheme and to the seasons if you wish to.

If you have a creation in mind that you don't see on the list above, that doesn't mean it can't be created, it just means that it might take some more experimentation than these more traditional resin creations. Craft Resin products are so versatile. Please contact our team if you are ever unsure if epoxy resin is the best substance for your particular project and we'll send you all the guidance you'll need to create something a bit different.

What are you going to create first?


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