Xhoana, Resin Artist @eleve.studios

Xhoana, Resin Artist @eleve.studios - Craft Resin UK

Hi, my name is Xhoana and I own the brand @eleve.studios.


I am a resin artist and I started selling my products in February 2021 from my shop Eleve Studios. Eleve is French for ‘elevate’ and I believe in the power of your surroundings and being able to elevate your spirits. The way your space is decorated with pieces that you love that bring you joy can make you feel uplifted. So my goal is to create pieces people love to place around their space.



When I am not making resin I am working as a Paid Social Associate. I discovered Resin over a year ago on Instagram and would often watch reels and look at resin artists until my whole Discover section on Instagram was resin art. After a year of obsessing over artists' pieces I decided to pick up resin and try it out myself.


The first piece I made were coasters, they were not the best coasters but mixing resin and pigments, waiting for them to cure and unmolding to see the final product was so exciting. I started to practice a lot more and at times it became extremely frustrating because I made mistakes along the way.



I learned to love my mistakes because I realized I was learning and understanding the chemicals and what worked and what doesn’t. No matter how many videos I watched, you don’t learn until you make the mistakes which got me to the point of creating beautiful pieces I wanted to share with people. With resin it is a lot of trial and error but you learn to love the process as you make pieces you fall in love with. The beauty of it all is never knowing what the final product will look like until it is de-molded, which makes every piece special and unique. 



One of the toughest parts of my journey and trying to launch my resin business was not thinking my products were perfect enough and criticizing everything. It was daunting launching my business because I was not sure what the reactions would be to my pieces and if they were not good enough. I received an enormous amount of love and support which encouraged me to keep creating and make even better pieces and the recognition and love continues to grow which I am so grateful for.



I love to make resin trays and coasters incorporating pressed flowers. I love flowers as much as I love resin, having endless amounts of flowers and colors to incorporate, it felt like I was making little bouquets in home decor. I am eager to see what else I will create using flowers and resin as I grow my business and my talent. The possibilities with resin are endless and it is so much fun to see what else you are able to create.


The biggest and most important advice I would give someone who is starting off their resin journey is to not get discouraged in the beginning. It is important to understand that it takes a lot of practice and running into errors, but before you know it you will become confident in your art. 



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