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What Projects Is Craft Resin’s Epoxy Resin Best For?

What Projects Is Craft Resin’s Epoxy Resin Best For? - Craft Resin

When it comes to epoxy resin there are different ones on the market that do different things, that are better for some projects more than others.


There are also so many projects that you can create with the different epoxy resin’s, we won’t be able to go through them all with you in this blog, but there are some projects our epoxy resin is better for than others and that’s what we’ll be going through with you today…



First of all, all of the epoxy resin products you see on our website currently are the same epoxy resin, just in different volumes.


Craft Resin was designed as a coating resin for craft projects, this means that it was designed for small sized, thinner projects like for example coating artwork, making resin jewellery, bookmarks, trays etc. Because of this it isn’t really designed for larger projects like epoxy resin flooring or large epoxy resin tables etc.


That's not to say that you can’t use Craft Resin for larger projects like these, but for flooring there are other epoxy’s on the market that would be better suited to that type of project. If creating larger things like tables, then please use slightly different techniques like layering, and build your project up over time, you will need to control the exothermic reaction during this process which you can read more about here. When coating tables or worktops, our epoxy resin is great.



Craft Resin’s epoxy resin is a low viscosity resin, which means that it is quite runny, this can be very good for certain projects that need more fluidity and movement during the pouring phase. Projects like fluid art, covering artwork with a layer or two of epoxy resin for example. If you do need the resin to be less fluid then you will need to leave the resin for a short while after mixing to start getting it at a thicker less fluid consistency in the mixing pot (however do not leave it too long as once mixed this starts the chemical reaction that will make your project impossible to move into place after about 40-50 minutes).



Craft Resin is heat resistant and once fully cured, after 21 days, the resin projects can withstand temperatures of 200F/93C. Because of this it can be used for projects such as coasters, however it wouldn’t be great for use as anything that things like oven dishes will be placed on as these could exceed this temperature resistance. Read more about Craft Resin’s heat resistance here.


Because of this heat resistance Craft Resin could be used for creating items like tumblers that would be used for cold drinks, but it might not be best to use it for hot drinks that are poured at boiling point straight from the kettle.



Craft Resin can be used to place cool food and drinks on/in as once Craft Resin is cured, and has fully hardened, your resin project can be used safely as a food contact surface. Please read our SDS for more information on the food safety aspect.


Craft Resin has been tested by a third party for leaching and migration across worldwide standards and passed all testing: When you use Craft Resin as directed, the fully cured resin will not leach any substances into food that comes into contact with it. However you might want to avoid using it to place hot food and drinks on because of the heat resistance may be potentially compromised.



We also get asked about using Craft Resin for projects like Ashtrays or Tea Light Candle Holders because of the heat resistance too. Our answer to this is yes, but when creating the tea light holders make sure that the shape that you create them into keeps the resin project away from the naked flame, so if for example the project has a roof to it, the roof may get hot while the candle is on and therefore make the top part of the project flexible. If there is no top, then a tea light holder should be fine as the base of the tea light never usually reaches the heat resistance top temperatures, as tea lights only burn for a short time. Bigger candles can burn for longer and so more care will need to be taken with these.


When selling your tea light holders or ashtrays make sure to include the guidance for your customers to keep the naked flame away from the project. A cigarette can be placed resting on the ashtray in the cigarette holder dents, however don’t rest the end of the cigarette that is alight on the project incase this makes it flexible.


Craft resin is great for projects like memorial pieces, because you can create crystal clear projects that are bubble free when the correct techniques are followed, this makes it a great substance for placing and then displaying sentimental photos, or trinkets in.


Craft Resin when hardened will also stand the test of time, which means you’ll be able to encapsulate these precious items in for the long term and the epoxy resin will not degrade or yellow like some others on the market can.


If you do create memorial projects with sentimental items, please do test the projects out on less sentimental items before you begin, you can achieve bubble free projects with no other blemishes or issues, however you might need to practise these techniques first before jumping into using the sentimental item. Once the item is in the epoxy resin project, you will not be able to remove it! 



We do have a video tutorial on our YouTube channel which shows you how to add photos to Craft Resin projects, you can watch and learn from this video here before getting started.


As we said at the start this list is not inclusive of every single project that you can use Craft Resin for. Craft Resin’s epoxy resin is very versatile and can be used for a great deal of projects, some of which people may have created before, some projects are still out there waiting to be discovered by creative people like yourselves. The article what materials does Craft Resin’s epoxy resin stick to might help you to understand if your project may work or not, you can read that here.


If you create something different, that’s maybe not your traditional resin creation we’d love to hear about it. Please tag us in the creation when you share it on your social media channel @craft.resin you never know who you could inspire with your work, and we regularly giveaway free resin to people who tag us in their work too.


If you are ever unsure if you can make something using our epoxy resin, please send us a message through our website contact us form, our team are on hand to not only solve any issues that arise, but to also help direct you to information that can help you get the most from Craft Resin products.


Every week we share more how to information like this in our Blogs, our Craft Resin Course Academy, Social Media channels and our YouTube channel. Click on the one you’d like to visit and learn from today.


Most importantly, have fun getting creative with Craft Resin!

Team Craft Resin

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