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Ruth Kirby, Resin Artist - @ruthis_resin - Craft Resin UK

Hi everyone, my names Ruth and I own Ruthi’s Resin. Ruthi is a name I’ve always been called by close family and friends and it’s always made me feel accepted and safe. 


If you'd like to know more about Ruth's brand, click on the images as you go through this blog to visit more of her work on her Instagram feed:



Starting Ruthi’s resin was a huge step for me. I’d been back at work for 12 days after maternity leave and Covid hit. I was furloughed & quite anxious. I’ve always had a passion for creating & found it really helps with my mental health, whether it be creating cards, things with my 2 children, personal gifts for family & friends etc I love the feeling knowing I’ve created something with love & attention to detail.


However I never had the confidence to post them publicly. I’ve always been extremely self conscious and had the same doubts as I’m sure many artists/creators have “what if people don’t like my creations”, “what if they don’t like me?” I had amazing support from my fiancé and best friend who encouraged me to just see what happens. The fact I was showing what I’d created rather than myself, made it easier. 



I saw people creating with resin and really wanted to give it a go. My fiancé bought my first batch which was craft resin and I was hooked. 


The first few pieces I created were not great, they had micro bubbles, amine blush etc. I did feel disheartened, however I spoke to amazing supportive fellow resin creators online about certain issues and they suggested warming the resin. It was a revelation! 


I loved the freedom I had to create and found I had excitement at what the finished item would look like. I also found it helped immensely with the anxiety of everything that was going on in the world. For an hour or so I escaped.


I love creating the female torso’s as I find I can be as creative as I like and pushing my creative mind to the next level to be different. A unique piece of handmade art is the best, whether it be for yourself or as a gift. Knowing you are the only one that has one makes it so special.



I wanted to make something in memory of my dad, who passed in 2008. I realised I was able to add his ashes to resin. This was such a different feeling, having something I could touch and think of him. I posted it online and within days I was asked by a lady if I was able to create a tea light holder using her mums ashes. I couldn’t believe it, what an honour. I asked her mums name and once she arrived I knew this creation needed to be the best I’d done. I’m a complete empath and felt so privileged to be trusted with such a special item.


She loved it! I was so proud of myself, that I had been able to create something so personal for her. 


I then had a lady message me regarding a custom order that she wanted created for her son who had lost his best fur friend. She had been unfortunately let down by someone else and I couldn’t say no. I received this little dogs fur and created a personal keyring for the little boy, which also had his pets name in.


Once it was received, I had a heartfelt message from the lady saying that her son loved it and would carry it everywhere. What a feeling, I’d been able to do that.



My confidence has definitely grown in myself and my abilities in the nearly 2 years of creating with resin and I would love for Ruthi’s Resin to grow, my ideas are endless. I’m not an official Brand Ambassador for Craft Resin, however I tell anyone that will listen about them because I love using their resin, and if I trust it then I’ll share that with others.


One piece of advice I would give to someone starting out with epoxy resin is to invest in good PPE and enjoy it. Create what you like.



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