Lily, artist from the UK

Lily, artist from the UK - Craft Resin
Lily artist from the UK

Hi, I’m Lily and my craft art resin journey started at the beginning of lockdown. I’m 15 so was in the last year of school and was about to start to prepare for my GCSE’s when Corona Virus hit the UK. School ended abruptly and I suddenly found that I had a lot of time on my hands. My Mum had started to dabble with resin a few months before so I asked if I could have a go at making some epoxy resin jewellery and that’s how it all started.

To begin with I posted a few of my pieces on my Mums Facebook craft page and was amazed by the positive response I got. Some of the pieces I’d made of crystal clear epoxy sold the same day which was really encouraging and exciting for me. I made some more but rather than posting them on my Mums Facebook page I wanted to start my own so Cedar Tree Jewellery was born.

Since then I’ve created many pieces of jewellery including pendants, bangles, earrings and cuff links but I’m adding to my range all the time. I’ve just created some cute keyrings and personalised coasters and have lots of new ideas to art resin epoxy.

I currently sell my jewellery and accessories of craft resin on my Facebook page which is called Cedar Tree Jewellery but I plan to open an Etsy shop in the very near future.

In September I’ll begin studying for my A levels at sixth form college, one of my subjects is Business Studies so I hope that running my own small business gives me plenty of hands on experience and examples to use in my studies.

Running Cedar Tree Jewellery gives me an opportunity to earn my own money rather than having to rely on my parents for everything so once I’m at college I really hope that I will still have time to continue creating new art resin clear epoxy pieces. I’m really enjoying being creative and want to keep growing my little business.

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