Gain More Confidence When Using Craft Resin

Gain More Confidence When Using Craft Resin - Craft Resin

Starting out with a substance like epoxy resin can be quite a daunting task, thats why we're here, to help make your start into this art medium an enjoyable one. After all, making projects with epoxy resin is a creative endeavor, and creative endeavors should be fun!


This week we're going to share our top tips on how to gain more confidence when using Craft Resin, so read on if you think you could use some more confidence when creating with resin...



1 - Read the instructions, and follow them:


Ok we know, this sounds obvious right - But we do come across lots of mistakes being made when using our resin daily, mistakes that could have been stopped in the first place if the basic instructions were followed.


In all of our Craft Resin kits we have a How To Use guide that shares all the basics you need to start creating the perfect resin projects. 


These are also available in a digital format on our website:


How To Use Craft Resin Low Viscosity


How To Use Craft Resin Deep Pour


Both our resin's need slightly different techniques, so make sure you've read the guidance from the product you are using. Our brands resin will also work slightly different to other brands, so please don't rely on any previous instructions from other brands, as issues in your projects may occur if you follow their guidance when using our products.





2 - Practice makes perfect:


When you've learned the very basics, there is still an element where your first few projects may not turn out perfectly. As with every art medium there's a stage you go through when you're starting out, it takes time to test out ways of working with your art medium, of getting the colours and patterns perfected.


If you start out with the mentality that practice makes perfect and that every resin artist started where you're starting (even the ones you've been admiring online who created the most beautiful projects ever!), then you won't go wrong. 


Concentrate on having fun with it, experimenting and seeing what you can create. You'll be surprised at what you can make using resin!






3 - Learn techniques from all the tools available:


Most resin brands have lots of tools available for you to learn lots of different techniques. So once you've learned the very basics, and then you've started created and practicing, you can then look into learning more and expanding your resin skills.


We have lots of tools available on our website in the Blog section. On our YouTube channel, which we add new tutorials to twice a week. And on our online courses. All of these resources can be found through the links below:


Craft Resin Blogs

Craft Resin YouTube

Craft Resin Courses


Once you've spent time learning techniques from these resources your confidence levels when working with Craft Resin will rise dramatically.





4 - Jump into the online community:


One way to gain more confidence using epoxy resin is to become part of a community, and we have just the community for you!


Craft Resin Facebook Community Group


We created our group a few years ago to form a community of artists all creating with epoxy resin who could learn, grow and support each other through their resin journeys. We have been constantly blow away by the group over the years, the members are always so kind and generous with their help and support to other artists and many friendships have been formed within the group over time.


Creating on your own, making mistakes along the way, can be very frustrating and lonely. When you join a community of like-minded people who you can share in your struggles and share in your inspirations too, that loneliness and your frustrations can be reduced.


And once you've been a member for a while, and learned from so many great tips and educational content that's shared daily, your confidence as a resin artist will grow too - And who knows what advice you'll find you're then giving to others in the group and how you'll be giving back by helping the newer members in time!





5 - Get individual support from other artists:


Once you've been a part of the community and you've been creating for a while, you'll start to form great friendships with other artists. Creating friendships with other artists is one of the fastest ways to increase your confidence when using resin.


You share your highs and lows with friends, they cheer you along and they lift you up again when you're struggling or having a few issues. Forming friendships with other resin artists is great because you can then share all your tips and tricks with each other to both get better and gain so much confidence along the way.


Most of the artists we work with and speak to on a daily basis are never in competition with each other and we agree with this, there's just no need to be. Even if you both start resin businesses, there is enough of the marketplace to go around and then some. So form friendships, support each other, cheer each other along, share resources, collaborate on social media and maybe even create together if you can get in person - Your confidence will be sky high in no time and you'll be having so much fun together too!


We hope this weeks blog has helped, if you have your own tips on gaining confidence with epoxy resin please share them below in the comments.



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