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Charlotte, Resin Artist - @acecresincreations - Craft Resin UK

Hi, I’m Charlotte, owner and creator at ACEC Resin Creations. So many people ask me what ACEC stands for; it is simply the initials of each of my four children… yes, I have four children!



Before starting my resin journey, I worked in healthcare for almost 20 years. After the birth of my 4th child, I felt like I needed a change. I would spend my evenings watching resin pouring reels on social media, and I found it so relaxing and calming. Having four children, my house is always crazy busy, so I welcomed the calming moments. 

After weeks of watching what felt like every reel possible, I turned to my resin tutorials to see what was involved in the mixing and curing process. Following on from this, I decided to give it a go myself; it couldn’t be too difficult, could it?



I did A LOT of research into different types and brands of resin, but the one brand I kept returning to was Craft Resin. It was a perfect all-rounder for me, non-toxic, odourless, self-levelling, crystal clear, bubble-free, literally perfect! 

I remember the day the resin first arrived; I’d already bought molds and mica powders, alcohol inks and dried flowers; I was going all out. I was so excited! So excited that I got straight to it making! I got a jug, poured part A and an equal amount of part B and mixed… that’s what they did in the reels, right? Wrong! I had mixed so quickly and rigorously that my resin was full of thousands of microbubbles. I was devastated, and I needed to take a step back. I tried my best to save the project and poured the resin anyway. It will forever be my first piece and a constant reminder to read the instructions!



Thinking back, even though my first piece was a disaster, it motivated me to keep going, improve, and grow at this new craft. Once I got the hang of the mixing, there was no stopping me, and before I knew it, I was inundated with the items I had made. I started giving them out as gifts for friends and family.

I started making resin pieces in March of this year (2022), so I’m still a newbie and still learning. In April I set up my Etsy store, it seemed like a natural progression even though I was really nervous. Once I started getting orders I realised I needed more space, so I persuaded my partner to give up half of his home office so I had enough room to create!



I can’t say that there is one particular item that I love creating, it changes weekly, from keyrings to coasters and more recently, tea light holders and hair clips. My items and ideas are very eclectic! 

I have recently become a brand ambassador for Craft Resin, and I’m really excited about it! I already have Craft Resin on subscription so this will further support my small business!



Creating with resin has really given me some ‘me’ time, that is much needed in my otherwise crazy life. I love creating, but most of all, seeing how then turn out after the curing time is amazing!  

Advice for anyone starting out with resin? Go for it! Its so relaxing and the possibilities are endless. Oh, and always read the instructions! 



More guidance is available throughout the Craft Resin website, they have lots of information to help you learn in the Blog section, the Learn section, on their YouTube channel and also with their free Courses. So explore, experiment, and have fun getting creative.


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