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👻 Spookily Good Halloween Resin Creations 👻

👻 Spookily Good Halloween Resin Creations 👻 - Craft Resin UK

We have seen some spookily great Halloween Resin creations on our Social Media platforms recently. We wanted to share some of them to inspire you all, so keep scrolling down to see some of the most creative Halloween Resin projects.



Make sure to click on the images if you'd like to see the artists work in more detail.


Kicking off our Halloween themed blog is a creation everyone needs to decorate their homes at this time of year - A resin Pumpkin, and how fabulous is this resin mold with its own halloween themed witches hat on too! Fill your pumpkins up with trick or treat sweets and offer them out at the door, kids will love taking the hat off to reveal the goodies. These pumpkins have been created by Cristina from the brand @ma_cresin:



While we're on the subject of pumpkins, lets showcase some more because you can create so many different looks from similar molds, and you can get so many different pumpkin molds on the market.


The next mold is similar to the first but what we love about this is that the resin artist Susie, from the brand Hollipop Jewellery, has used lights in her creation to give it a great extra touch for this time of year when the evenings are darker and people want to cosy up in their homes. A lit up creation would be perfect for inside the home, but also placed on the doorstep on Halloween to let passers by know you have treats available. If you do keep them outdoors try to make sure the light fixings are safe from the elements:



There are pumpkins also featured in our next project which is an awesome Halloween inspired Resin Garland and Glow In The Dark Ghosts project. We love this project because the wonderful Resin Artist Edna from Edna Wargon Art shows the audience how to create their own version of these! This is a great tutorial for anyone wanting to learn resin or to learn how to create their own Halloween creations using epoxy resin. Learn how to create these in this free tutorial which would be perfect to do with children or grandchildren to keep them occupied this Half Term:




If you do create projects using Epoxy Resin with children, read our guidance before hand so you both have a safe and great experience.


Can I Use Craft Resin With My Children


We're mixing it up now with our next lot of incredible Halloween inspired resin creations, and next up we have jewellery! How amazing are these Resin Earrings created by Lydia from the brand @ladycannalife. We love how creative Lydia has been, using Halloween as a theme, but creating such different resin projects that would look great dangling from your ears over the spooky season and beyond! These would make fantastic gifts for your friends, or to stock and sell at this time of year through your resin business:



With Halloween being full of lots of yummy treats we thought this incredible Halloween themed Cake Stand by Jemma from @avagraceresin needed a spot in this blog! But we couldn't only showcase her cake stand, we had to also include her brilliant Crescent Moon Lights which she's created one with a Ghost figure in and another with a Witch. If you're creating a Halloween food spread for a party this year wouldn't the cake stand look incredible with lots of yummy Halloween cakes on with the Crescent Moons standing either side of it, when the party lights dip and it gets dark you can light these up for an extra special touch:



Next we have another free tutorial available for you all, how about learning how to create a Resin Ghost that lights up! Chrissy, our Educator who also owns the resin brand @standtogetehruk, shares how she creates the resin ghost you see in the graphic below which you can follow along with and create alongside her. Chrissy creates lots of tutorials for our YouTube channel and each week we release another video showing you how to use our brands resin in another amazing way, make sure to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on the videos when they're released:



We've so far covered pumpkins of all kinds, ghostly figures, and spookily good earrings, so to end lets share some bats with you all, it wouldn't be Halloween without a bat! These are no ordinary plain black bats, these are Courtney from @amethyst_dreams_shop incredibly beautiful resin trinket dish bats - Aren't they just wonderful! If you're after some resin-spiration then please do check out Courtney's feed, she has so many wonderful resin creations and many that would be a good fit for a Halloween theme:



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We hope you have a great time working with our epoxy resin this spooky season and beyond!

Team Craft Resin

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