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🎅 Festive Resin-Spiration 🎅

🎅 Festive Resin-Spiration 🎅 - Craft Resin UK

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas! And we have some Festive resin-spiration just for you...

We've been noticing some amazing and beautiful Christmas resin creations recently and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you all today. We know resin isn't the quickest medium to work with and so we didn't want to wait till December to inspire you all, we wanted to do it now so you could then use the inspiration to benefit you during this years festive period. 



First up is @littleresintreats with these beautifully festive and personalised family tree decorations. Personalising your creations really does add a special touch for people looking to buy something unique for their tree:



Also having different colours for people to choose can really help your resin sell, people have all kinds of colours on their tree these days, show them that you can create festive decorations that can be customised to their needs. Adding a great festive quote can also make the decorations stand out like these by @kreativelykelly:



Sticking with the theme of decorations for now, it wouldn't be the festive season without snowflakes all around. This beautiful snowflake by @resincreationsbyg makes for the perfect decoration to hang on your tree:



Along with these beautiful Angel decorations by A Piece Of Heaven. A great selling point for resin Christmas decorations is that they are light, they don't weigh a lot and therefore won't make tree branches slump down. Explain this to people when you post about your work, it makes your creations stand out from others on the market:




Not all decorations have to hang on trees, this beautiful winter scene from @standtogetheruk would look great placed around the home to add to the festive feel in the house. What winter scene could you recreate in your resin art, and what would you apply it to?



No festive season would be complete without a chocolate or 10! How about creating decorations like these fun and super cute resin reindeer with space for chocolate noses to be placed by @blossomresins.

These would sell as great stocking fillers or novelty gifts for children.




Resin can also be used to create fantastic bespoke games and who doesn't love a game over the festive period. Families gathered around having fun, spending time together, thats what Christmas is made for! These Dominos by @aca.art_ are perfect for this:



Let's talk about the dinner table - No festive table would be complete without beautiful resin festive coasters, like these ones by @standtogetheruk. Whats great about using stags as winter images, is that they can be used all winter, not just on Christmas day.



As can these fabulous peppermint inspired coasters by @leisha.scott.designs The peppermint design looks so festive and beautiful, but they would also look amazing throughout the year too!



Another lovely accompaniment for the dinner table, or sideboard is a wine butler like this fabulous silver one by @standtogetheruk. You can certainly make them look as Christmassy as you would like, but again having one that is in festive colours but that could be used for any occasion can help your work sell better as people will feel like they can get more use out of the item.



To end, we've covered decorations, games, tableware, novelty gifts, but what about festive jewellery! Ever since the Christmas jumper made a comeback, so has festive jewellery. How about adorning yourself with some festive earrings like these gorgeous resin gingerbread earrings by @noodlegirlcreations.



We hope this gives you some great ideas for your own Festive creations this winter. The beauty of working with resin is that you can take inspiration from others, but that not one piece of resin work will ever look exactly the same, how exciting is that!


We hope you have a wonderful festive period and thank you for all your support throughout 2021!

Team Craft Resin

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