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🌼  Spring Resin-Spiration 🌼 - Craft Resin UK

It's such a wonderful time of year, Spring is in the air, can you feel it? It's the time of year when people start to come alive, when we all have a little bit more energy and when our creative juices start to flow again.


We'd love to help those creative juices flow even more by sharing lot's of amazing resin Spring makes that have recently caught our eye on Social Media. Use these to inspire you to get even more creative this Spring.



Click on the brand names to visit the artists pages, or click on the images to view the resin project on their feed.


Spring is all about light, light that then gives birth to brighter evenings, the awakening of flowers and animals showing their faces again. To create beautiful Spring designs can be as simple and elegant as using lighter, brighter or more pastel colours than you may have been using during the winter months. These beautiful coasters by @resinbyren from her elegant pastel collection really do give us all the Spring feels:



When Spring images come to mind, does anyone else picture beautiful butterflies fluttering over fresh sunkissed meadows? It's the time of year when these beautiful creatures start appearing again and so what better creation to make this time of year than resin projects featuring butterflies, like these gorgeous butterfly earrings with resin tucked into the edges of its wings. Such beautiful work by @dela.asaart:



Or how about including images of these beautiful creatures in your other resin projects, like this beautiful Butterfly effect Catchall Dish by @richauntyresin. Team it up with Spring colours and flower effects for the perfect Spring resin creation:



Butterflies aren't the only animals that make us think of Spring, so do rabbits! With Easter shortly upon us these rabbit creations by @avagraceresin are just hopping (excuse the pun) with Spring vibes. The great thing about these resin creations is that they can be used to house Chocolate Eggs ready to gift at Easter too, such a beautiful resin gift idea:



Flowers start popping up at this time of year so it's no wonder that to create a Spring vibe to your resin projects flowers are featured a lot. Flowers are a great addition to all your projects in order to give them a Spring feel. With Mother's Day coming up at the end of March in the UK, we really love this Mum Flower Cast by @standtogetheruk:



Or how about creating personalised initials with flowers cast inside them like these beautiful resin letters by @blossomresinbyverity. Using fresh flowers that are dried out can add such a natural beautiful touch to your work and bring the beauty of nature into your customers homes. A lot of people also celebrate precious times at this time of year and so these can make really great memories from their special occasions:



The beauty about adding flowers into your projects is that you can create a wide range of colour schemes to your projects, these can be personalised to your customers needs and even include flowers that have sentimental meaning to them. You can add flowers into any resin project, creating beautiful flower keyrings like @vrlcraftworks has created below gives them such a pretty look:



A resin creation that will go down really well at this time of year is some Spring inspired bookmarks. Have you ever noticed that when it starts to get lighter in the evenings and the weather changes to warmer days you feel more inclined to read instead of watching TV and staying cosy. This simple but super beautiful resin bookmark from @soulandbloom_ makes for the perfect Spring gift to gift the bookworm in your life.



Adding yellow flowers really ups the Spring vibes in our eyes. This beautiful Goddess below, that @standtogetheruk has lovingly made, just screams Spring to us, and we love that this piece has been turned into a light too meaning that even when it gets dark her beauty will shine through:



If you would like to create resin projects with flowers in them there are some techniques you will need to follow, you can learn these in our Flower Blog.


You don't only have to use natural flowers to get the Spring feel in your resin creations. You can also use flower beads, buttons, sequins and other sticker type items to create a really fabulous Spring vibe to your work, sometimes these can be easier than real flowers too, so maybe a great idea when you're starting out. Check out how @sophs_craftsandresin has used flower sequins in her beautiful and bright Spring vibes necklace.



Flower effects can also be created out of patterns using different colourings which you can include in your Spring resin projects. Using alcohol ink you can also create wonderful flower like designs like @resinbyren has created with her one of a kind coasters below:



As always there have been so many wonderful creations showcased on social media recently, our team is always admiring them every day, we have a very talented audience of resin artists!


Thank you so much to the artists featured in this weeks Blog for letting us share their beautiful creations with the world. We hope this inspires other resin artists to unleash their creativity this Spring.


Please do tag us in anything you make out of our resin, you never know it could even get featured in our next resin-spirational blog!




Team Craft Resin

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