What is the shelf life duration for Craft Resin?

    It is recommended that you use up Craft Resin within six months after opening. However unopened Craft Resin can last for up to twelve months.

    What kind of coverage should be expected?

      Craft Resin has an ability to level out to a thickness of about 30 mm on a flat surface. To work out how much resin mix you will need for a project you'll need the width, length and depth of the project, then add these figures to our resin calculator.

      What is the working time/cure time of Craft Resin?

        Usually the mixed resin can be used within a period of 45 minutes before it becomes too firm to spread over surfaces. However the time duration for this to occur is even shorter in winter, cold areas or in the situation that you have initially warmed up the resin and hardener in warm water.

        Curing generally may require up to 24 hours to occur but this may be a little faster in a warmer environment, temperature will affect this time frame and so will the thickness of the project.

        What is the resin and hardener mixing ratio?

          The mixing ratio for both resin and hardener is 1:1 by volume.

          What is Craft Resin suitable for?

            Craft Resin is suitable for:

            Moulding/Casting/Potting/Encasing purposes


            Marine/Boat/Yacht/Bicycle/Motorbike repairs

            Painting/Art//Crafts/Jewellery/Stone coat

            Home Decorations

            Floors (garages, indoor, garden paths, penny floors)

            Tables (kitchen tops, garden tables, countertop, bars, wooden table)

            How fast do you deliver?

            Our goal is always to fulfill the orders as quickly as we can. The average delivery time is between 2-3 business days from the day that it is ordered and 5-7 business days for international orders. You will receive a tracking number in your email after the order is successfully made. This email can go into your junk/spam folders.