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Why Choose Craft Resin: - Craft Resin UK
Turns out we're not the only Resin brand on the market - Shocker right! lol. There are actually lots of brands out there these days, clear epoxy resin has taken off in the UK last few years and there are options for artists to use a multitude of different brands resin products.

But just because there are lots of brands out there, we're going to share why we think it's a hugely beneficial to you as an artist to find the one you like, and stick to it, because there are lots of benefits to artists to use only one brands product offering.

Before we dive into this in more detail we would like to clarify that we are a brand with a limited product offering, we don't have lots of different products for you to use, so you will need to use other brands products alongside Craft Resin's too. But that's ok, we're not saying don't share other brands products, what we're saying is stick to the products you love, from the brands you love and consistently use those.

Most brands who supply the products you're using have affiliate options linked to them, like our Collabs platform. You sign up, you generate a link/code, then you can start earning alongside your resin business to share the products you love to your audience.

This is a great tool to have so that you're earning additional streams of revenue along side your resin business. Any business you're in that relies on sales to generate income from can go up or down, relying on one stream of revenue these days means when the market drops for the sale of your projects then your revenue drops too. If you have multiple ways of making money you'll always have other revenue coming in.


Most of you are on social media, and you're sharing your projects on social media, most of you are also sharing products that you use to create your resin projects too. Lots of you will pop on and rave about a products you've used, why you love it, what benefits it brings to your creations, along with your discount link/code for that product, but then the next week you're sharing a different one. This can cause confusion with your audience and they start not believing you when you do share "the best" products.

The way to sell through social media these days is changing, and it's changed rapidly over the last few years. No longer do people trust advertising, or very large influencer accounts, because they recognise that they might not genuinely like the products they're recommending to their audience, they're just getting paid for it. So we, as humans, have built up a sales resistance.

In order to sell to your audience now, you need to be sharing your projects/the products of the brands your aligned with, why they would benefit your audience, but also offer value through your content while sharing them, and build trust with your audience. Your audience will not buy from your brand if they don't trust that your brand has their best interests at heart. Switching products you're using and recommending different products to your audience is the fastest way to get your audience to not trust your recommendations!


But when your audience sees that you use certain brands products all the time, that you genuinely do like them, that you share value to your audience and show them maybe some tricks or tips that you use with those projects/products then your audience looks to you like a trusted advisor. Someone who has their best interests at heart, not just your own personal sales/commission at heart.

But how do you know which brand to stick with? We here you, it can be hard to choose just one these days, especially if brands are contacting you all the time asking you to recommend their product this week, and another brand the next. You have to make a decision and then stick to it, even when others may reach out, you'll need to tell them you can't. And it's ok to do that, brands aren't going to be offended, they understand why you're doing that.

When you're choosing a brand whose products you can get behind representing, you want to look out for the following:

1 - What is the quality of their products like? Can you rely on their products, and do their products give your personal projects the best results? Are they pretty simple to use, could a beginner pick them up and use them to get great results easily too? Are they safer to use in comparison to other brands?

2 - Is the cost of the brands products competitive for the quality of product you're getting? Would your audience be able to justify buying them at the price they are? Theres a sweet spot here, because you need to ensure the product you're sharing isn't the cheapest on the market, just because the cheapest uses the cheapest ingredients, might not give the best results and might not be as safe for the user etc, so you need to factor this in. But likewise it doesn't necessarily need to be the most expensive brand, unless your audience would enjoy luxury, expensive brands and that would make them want to buy just based off the high price tag.

3 - What kind of customer support and policies does the brand you'd like to represent have in place? If you shared your link with your audience and they bought based on your recommendation, what kind of experience with the brand are they going to have? If an issue arises how will the brand help resolve it?

4 - How does the brand want to work with you? Does the brand just want whats in it for them, their bottom line, or does the brand you'd like to align with have the best interests of you as an artist and your personal brand in mind? Do they want to help you grow your brand as well as working together to help grow theirs too, in more of a collaboration than a what's in it for me kind of way?

5 - Do you enjoy getting to know, working with, collaborating with some of the other artists who are already aligned to that brand? Has the brand built a great community of artists around them who all support and cheer for each other too, or are the artists all competing for the sales and commissions and no one works with each other?


Hopefully all of the points above help you to consider in more detail the brands that you would like to work and align yourself with. If you're going to spend a lot of time working with that specific brand over years of your business life, then you want to make sure that they are a great fit for you and your personal brand too.

When you do align with a brand it helps you to be more consistent to your audience, it also helps you share your recommendations more authentically in a way that builds trust with your audience. Your audience can see right through anything fake, if you aren't genuinely happy with the brand your aligned with they will sense that and they won't support your collaborations, meaning you won't generate any, or much revenue from the collaboration.

At Craft Resin we have been working hard behind the scenes to improve on all of the points above. As a brand we're not perfect, there's still room for growth and for getting better at what we do in all areas. But we do believe that on all the points above we would gain very high scores if we asked artists to vote for how well they think we do on all sections compared to other brands on the market.

And most excitingly we're working with some incredible resin artists at the moment who are all helping us to improve in what we can offer artists, how we can help them, and how we can all work together as one incredible community of inspiring, creative and authentic humans to help spread the pure joy of creating with epoxy resin.


We truly believe that this is a very pivotal time for the industry and that what we're building as a brand is very special. And we think this is the main reason that you should consider choosing Craft Resin not only for your resin and mica product needs, but also for the collaboration opportunities we can offer as a brand as we continue to grow and help artists grow too.

If you'd like to try any of our products, click the link below and visit our online shop and buy epoxy resin uk. We have a Starter Kit that's great for beginners to use to see if they'd like creating with resin, we also have a lot of guidance available online to help you get the most from using our products too:

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If you'd like to join our Brand Ambassador team and add on an additional revenue stream, then click the link below that best matches your audiences location:

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Once you apply to join one of our team will reach out to you to make sure you get set up ok and can help if you're audience is very large they can get you set up on multiple markets. Our team are on hand if you need any support with Collabs and sharing our brand with your audience, and we have lots of opportunities for artists to help grow their brands too. Use the contact us form to reach out to our team if you have any questions or you need any help with this at all.

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