Our Tribute To HRH Queen Elizabeth 2nd

Our Tribute To HRH Queen Elizabeth 2nd - Craft Resin UK

Last week we all received the sad news that Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II had passed away.


The Queen reigned over the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms from 1952 until her death in 2022.


She was an excellent example of servant leadership and lead our country through many difficult times. The hole that her passing will leave on a Nation will be vast.


Here at Craft Resin we want to start a movement to honour her years of service and sacrifice for our country in the only way we know how. To encourage our artists to create memorial resin creations featuring HRH The Queen.


We believe that many artists out there are struggling to find the words to express their loss and grief and many are unsure how they can pay tribute to someone we all loved and admired so much. We believe this is a wonderful way to pay tribute and create lasting memories that we can all cherish of our Queen forever.



On Monday 19th September the Queen will be laid to rest and on that day we would like to showcase many of these creations on our social media accounts so that we can all join forces to create a memorial that will warm the hearts of many. 


Please do tag @craft.resin, or add @craft.resin as a Collaborator on any resin memorial creations you personally make showing your support to The Queen on the 19th of September and we will share as many as we possibly can.


We hope that many of you across the world will join us in honouring HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Team Craft Resin

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