Fall Resin Vibes:

Fall Resin Vibes: - Craft Resin

The seasons are changing and we're moving into Autumn/Fall 🍂 It's such a beautiful time of year when the colours outside in nature start changing to oranges, browns and darker greens. As the seasons and colours outside change, you might want to change up your resin creations to match.


In this weeks blog we'll be taking you through some resin inspiration and showcase some of the projects our wonderful artists are creating using our brands epoxy resin.


As you move through this weeks blog, click on the artists handle or image of their project to see their work in all its glory.


Keep reading to be inspired...



One of the simplest ways to add some Fall/Autumnal vibes to your resin creations, is to switch up your colours. Transitioning from bright summer colours to burnt oranges, darker hues and nature inspired greens and browns can easily create the right autumnal/fall vibes.


These fabulous resin dice below, by the resin artist @maisedesignsdice, demonstrate this perfectly. The dark orange tones and the almost fire like yellows and golds in the middle really help to set the autumnal theme. Maise Designs Dice offers dice with this exclusive design only in the spooky autumn season. Offering a shop drop featuring them in October, which can be a great promotional offering for your resin businesses:



You can even use autumnal colours to create the most wonderful effects, like this resin bloom coaster by @resin_kreativwelt. Effects like this are so mesmerising to the eyes and make for great creations to catch people's eyes and stop them scrolling, so they take a look at your work:



We love the subtlety of the colours used in the next project by @megswonderland. In the creative space you can use colours vividly or more subtly in your artwork. The autumnal colours of the burnt reds and oranges in this project are great, it almost gives the effect of fireworks going off in your project.


When making your resin art, experiment with colour, try new techniques, create new effects, most importantly have fun with your projects, you never know what incredible effects you'll create along the way:



Adding the most beautiful Fall/Autumnal colours into your creations can be so fun to do. And as resin cures at the start it moves and the colours flow and merge into each other. When you use alcohol ink, as the resin artist @sharableart has in her beautiful project below, the colours that you first add to your resin creation can be very different to how the project comes out at the end when it's cured and hardened. We love how the colours have merged below and the wonderful patterns this has created. Have you tried using alcohol inks yet?



Have fun using different colours and additions to decorate your creations. This fabulous resin tray below was created by @resin.bar.studio. The artist used mica powder to fill in the holes and then the cutest fall themed sprinkles to add depth to the project. What additions could you use to infuse Fall/Autumnal vibes into your creations?



Of course it wouldn't be a Fall/Autumn blog without some fabulous autumn fallen leaves 🍂 How incredible and realistic do these resin leaves by the artist @wildheartresinart look! The attention to detail with not only the colours used, but also with the veins in the leaves and the way the artist has bent the resin too.


If you'd like to try bending resin, we've got tutorials available on our Craft Resin YouTube channel. Make sure to click on the images to be more inspired by the artists work:



The next projects featured are very different to each other, but we wanted to showcase them both because they are both fantastic Fall/Autumnal projects for different reasons.


First of all @larajayne_designs has created beautiful autumnal resin keyrings and paperweights that feature beautiful autumnal flowers and foliage. You can create the most amazing autumn vibes in your creations by including autumn flowers and foliage. And then Lara's other project, which is giving us Halloween feels, with the fantastic, but ghostly looking hand prints in resin. Check out Lara's profile to see how these were created:



Another fantastic project, that the artist @resinroxx has used autumnal flowers and foliage in, are these beautiful high gloss resin pumpkins. Pumpkins are a staple for any Fall/Autumn themed project and make a great addition to sell as part of your resin businesses offerings. People could also use pumpkins with flowers in them for decoration all year round as they are more subtle than their traditional bright orange pumpkin counterparts:



The next projects have been created by the artist @klarfee. A beautiful autumn scene with two small decorative snails, a hedgehog, decorative pumpkins, a fly agaric can, a pumpkin as a can and a leaf bowl in two different colors. All items were made with Craft Resin's Low Viscosity Resin and Mica Powder.


Sometimes you don't have to go crazy with colourants and additions, a simple mica powder colourant can do wonders to bring autumnal projects to life. The fly agaric and the single pumpkin are decorative boxes for storing small items. The leaf bowl can be used as a decorative bowl or an autumnal soap dish. Aren't they wonderful:



There are many different ways to create pumpkin resin creations. You can use pumpkin shaped molds, but also consider adding pumpkin stencils or stickers to projects to create a brilliant autumnal effect like the creations below by @ResinByEmilyGB 🎃


Emily has also included our Green Glow Mica Powder in her creation to enable the projects to glow in the dark, which is a great addition to any Halloween inspired creation this autumn:



Keeping with the theme of Halloween for the last of this week's inspiration. Next up we have an incredible Resin Skull creation by @ekiemle_art. There are a lot of variations of resin skulls you can create, but we love how this one really stands out from the crowd with the colours used and with the crown on top. What kind of resin skull would you create?



We hope this weeks blog has sparked your imagination as we come into the Fall/Autumn season. We can't wait to see all the wonderful creations you all make over the next few months and beyond.


Remember to tag us in your social media posts @craft.resin, we can sometimes share your work to help your projects get seen by more people, and we run a monthly giveaway to win a 4 Litre Pro kit for the person with the most likes by the end of the month - Goodluck!


Team Craft Resin

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